Zweihänder - Höllental


Zweihänder - Höllental


Welcome to Hell's Valley. 

The proceeds from this album will fund preliminary development of a mind-bending indie game set in the Zweihänder universe. 

This download will give you mp3 and Vorbis Ogg files plus some epic artwork. 


1. Slay The Chopper 04:16
2. Bite 04:57
3. Dragons Must Be Lonely 04:37
4. You Missed Your Train 04:02
5. Road to Nowhere 04:26
6. Somewhen Else 02:20
7. Sorry, You're Out of Time 03:21
8. It Came From The Mountains 03:28
9. Forest Maze 03:32
10. Forest Escape 03:58
11. Baphomet on the Keys 03:16
12. They Could Be Anywhere 03:06
13. Kobolds Everywhere 02:10
14. Inaction 02:42
15. Hell's Valley 01:03

I had a lot of fun making this album. It is a bit weirder and more progressive than the last. I uploaded everything as a FLAC file, so the quality should be good regardless of the format you download. 

Several of the songs were lost when an external drive died. We saved what we could, but ultimately had to leave a few songs off or give them awkward endings. I decided to devote time to the newer songs since they were better, in my opinion. 

Work has been split between this album and a darkwave/80's-styled album. Several songs for the next album are finished as well. So, that one should not take as long to complete. 

Please let me know what you think. Also, endorsing the album on Bandcamp helps a lot. You, the community, are awesome. Thanks for everything. Enjoy the music.

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