Zweihänder - Nitheren


Zweihänder - Nitheren

5.55 7.77

1. Metasleuth 04:43
2. My Teeth 02:25
3. Snakes Everywhere 02:52
4. The Train 02:32
5. Sneaky Bastard 04:29
6. The Escape 03:31
7. The Gaze of Raccoons 03:13
8. Interlude 00:47
9. Satan's Shiny Shoes 02:26
10. Togakure Ryu 02:01
11. Catacombs 02:18
12. Entry to Höllental Depths 00:36

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The first album was mainly an experiment with the software and the sounds. This album is where the story truly begins. I won't give away everything (in case we make a game or music video or something), but I will lay some groundwork: 

The hero seeks to slay the devil. He associates most of the evil in the world with Satan. He and his reluctant associate, the Sleuth, find themselves in some sort of netherworld where they encounter all sorts of interesting characters, conundrums, and traps. Each song is a different chapter in their journey. Some songs represent a new character, some an obstacle, and some a leg of the journey. 

This album took a little longer than expected to create. It can be difficult to balance work and creative time. I would end up creating in bursts after forcing myself to take a break from the regular work. Most of the songs were made in one or two days while My Teeth was created in just a few hours. Metasleuth and Snakes Everywhere were slow going. I started them both at about the same time and hopped back and forth. Then came the move. After everything was said and done those two songs were worked on using three different computers. My Teeth, The Gaze of Raccoons, Satan's Shiny Shoes, Catacombs, and Entry to Höllental Depths were all totally created using the Honey Badger while staying at Pistol's house. We were only in town for a week, but all of those songs were completed by the time we left. If we could have stayed a month I might have 20 more songs. Our new forest office is more conducive to creative work, so the third album should take less time than this one did. 

Chris Bonnell ( is responsible for the artwork. He also helped with the story. Pistol and Qain helped a great deal with the story as well. Pistol is totally responsible for Snakes Everywhere. The song was going nowhere until she outlined a story for it. Perhaps we will soon do something with this story.


released 31 October 2013 

Qain, Pistol, and Chris all helped with the story.